April 8, 2021

It’s been a year since I was invited to join the ranks of learned Scripture scholars and write my reflections on the day’s readings. As a young Catholic, emphasis in Sunday school was on the Catechism, the Ten Commandments, and the Sacraments. There was a Bible at home, my grandmother’s family Bible, but it was too fragile for young girls to handle. When I began putting down my thoughts on the daily readings, I began to pay attention to scripture as never before. Yes, I had heard all these proclaimed at Mass, but my interest had not yet been challenged. Now I have to convince you and me that I know what I’m reading as God invites me into his written word. Every day I have the honor of sitting down with a book that contains the words of the one who created me. Every day I have the opportunity to let him give me a thought or two on how to live.

In today’s reading, Acts of the Apostles 3:11-26, the importance of the connection between Jesus and his apostles becomes clearer. The apostles are now teaching in his name, and they have been given the same power as Jesus had to heal. The Holy Spirit has remained to bestow God’s grace on them in their ministry. In his sermon to the Jews, Peter talks to them concerning their repentance as a turning to God, which meant accepting Jesus as Lord and the Messiah whom God had chosen. With their repentance and conversion, their sins would be wiped away, and they would enjoy times of refreshment. They are assured that Jesus has turned each of them from their evil ways and blessed them. To experience reconciliation with God, everyone needs forgiveness, repentance, and the Holy Spirit.

Like the crippled man who was cured, we cling to Jesus to ask for his loving mercy in our lives. In threatening times, have you ever been aware of God’s presence?

Let Us Pray

Teach us to do the little things of each day with great love by opening our hearts, minds, and souls to the reality that each moment is an opportunity to love. Amen.


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About Nancy McRoberts

Nancy is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi parish in Houston, TX.