April 6, 2020

Monday of Holy Week

The scenario: Jesus at Bethany six days before the Passover; Lazarus, recently raised from the dead reclining at table with Jesus; Martha serving food; Mary anointing the feet of Jesus with expensive oils.

Being anointed creates a reciprocal relationship between the giver and the receiver. There is an affirmation, an acknowledgment of the other. Jesus did not ask to be anointed, but he certainly understood Mary’s need to bend and kneel to anoint his feet. As a metaphor, the meaning goes beyond the physical action.

Holy water, incense, the oils carry us like the perfumed air of the house to a viable dimension, a mystical moment in understanding that unconditional love is never wasted. Now, Judas in the midst of the perfumed air, could not go beyond the air of self to recognize the enormous implication of Lazarus’ return or Martha’s giving of self to serve others; and the selfless action of Mary. Lost in ourselves, we miss the moments that carry us beyond our human weaknesses. However, symbolically, we anoint others by affirmation of their goodness. We have been anointed, affirmed, and recognized as followers of Christ through our baptism.

This Holy Week, in our sacred space, may we see all the signs and symbols that lead us to Calvary and beyond and in another dimension, smell the fragrance of the living God, take in his breath and breathe life into others.

Let Us Pray:

I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live. May my meditation be pleasing to him; I will rejoice in the LORD. (Psalm 104: 33-3)


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About Joe McCormack

Joe McCormack is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament and a parishioner at St Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland, Ohio.