April 5, 2021

What will our new normal be like after the pandemic? This question has generated much discussion. Hope is beginning to emerge that with vaccines, we may return to a normal existence. But having experienced the fear, isolation, and death of this past year, we wonder what normal might be. And so, we await a “new normal.”

Having just celebrated the Resurrection, new normal seems to be an apt concept for the day after Easter. The two Marys experience both fear and joy as they encounter the angel’s message. And then are greeted by their Risen Lord with the words, “do not be afraid.” Their new normal was to heed this message and run off to share it. They chose to believe that the Lord’s promise is true—God does not abandon his people.

We meet two other figures today. Saint Peter’s new normal was to boldly proclaim how God’s plan was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. His fear and denial have been totally transformed. And we see in the Pharisees how fear and denial led them to the same old same old. They do not experience a new normal because they are unwilling to allow God to penetrate their hearts with new life.

And so, we ask ourselves, what is my new normal after encountering the Risen Jesus? Do I understand that I am being told to boldly proclaim by my actions that God really meant it when he said every human person is worth saving? How do I bring life to the poor, the abused, the terminally ill, the lonely, and the hungry? Will joy overcome my fear of reaching out?

For Saint Peter Julian Eymard, the Eucharist led him to experience the new normal of God’s abiding love for all. May the Eucharist nourish and sustain our Easter new normal.

Let us pray:

Holy Spirit, may you fill our hearts with the joy of the new life that has been poured out for us. We humbly ask you to fill us with your gift of courage, enabling us to overcome our fear of boldly proclaiming and sharing this new life with those most in need. Amen


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About Mary Muehle

Mary is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament, parishioner of Saint Paschal Baylon Church and a chaplain at Grace Hospice in Cleveland, Ohio.