April 27, 2022

Two images appear in today’s readings. The darkness of jealousy, imprisonment, and the light of Christ that came into the world to eradicate the darkness and save us.

Darkness comes into our lives in many ways – anxiety over the pandemic, financial worries, inflation, addictions, war, grief from losses, depression, and sin to name a few. I realized several months ago that I was suffering from situational depression. Days became darker, and my prayer seemed to fall upon deaf ears. Through the loneliness and darkness, my prayer brought me to the realization that I had family, countless friends, and a caring, compassionate counselor to bring light back into my life. I know now that Jesus was listening. Today’s responsorial psalm assures us that the Lord hears our cry, and I can witness that.

I follow Lessons Taught by LIFE on Instagram, and recently they posted: Only those who have known darkness can truly appreciate light. The apostles experienced the darkness of jealousy and imprisonment, being freed by the angel of the Lord with the command: Go and take your place in the temple area and tell the people everything about this life. The gospel reminds us of God’s infinite love in Jesus, the light that came into the world, yet the world preferred darkness. We must ask, do we prefer darkness over light in today’s world?

Father Eymard counsels us with these words. Light is the knowledge of his perfection, of the details and motives for his love, his gifts, and his manifestation to mankind. (Counsels for Spiritual Life #87)

If you choose light over darkness, then go forth and tell everyone about the light of Jesus Christ!

Closing Prayer

You indeed, O Lord, give light to my lamp; O my God, you brighten the darkness about me. (Psalm 18:29)


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