April 26, 2022

How does our Catholic Community today compare with the early communities of Christianity? Their problems and solutions were different from today’s, but they both have the same mission – bringing the good news of salvation to all the people and loving God and loving each other.

I am familiar with several ministries at my parish — for example, the Faith in Action ministry and the Knights of Columbus. The Faith in Action group, among other ventures, supports our local food pantry. They just finished a “Souper Bowl of Caring,” collecting donations and food with the help of our high school religious education students. They have found ways to help the immigrants coming to our country.

The Knights of Columbus assist with fundraising and scholarships for students at our school. And during the meetings, we are always praying and helping families and people in crisis.

All our ministries begin and end with a prayer to ask for God’s blessing and to let us know his will for our efforts. Are we the perfect community? By no means! In every parish that I know of, we always see the same faces making the efforts. In our parish, we are short of catechists, ushers, altar servers, etc. The early Christian churches had similar issues and worked and prayed to find solutions.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard’s work in Paris was like our parish work. He also took care of the poor, educated the youth out on the streets, beginning a new order of religious dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament.


Lord, you gave us companions on our journey, as you gave them to Saint Peter Julian Eymard, sharing the same charism and enriching us with their enthusiasm and their lives. Give us an open heart ready to serve all whom the spirit leads to the Eucharist. May our mutual encouragement speak of your Kingdom. Teach us how to help one another with respect, humility, and generosity as we bring our charisms to life. Amen. (From “Project of Life” for laypeople).


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About Bob Robleto

Bob is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi Parish in Houston TX.