April 23, 2021

When I hear the word “transformation,” what word, thought, or image comes to mind? This question is used in the LITE program, “Eucharist: God’s Love as Transformation in Jesus Christ.” Participants are asked to reflect on the question after listening to a story entitled “A Reason to Celebrate” by Richard Szafranski. The story is a dialogue between a raisin and a wheat flake who chose to remain the same, living uneventful lives in the parish priest’s pantry. The raisin as a grape could have become wine, and the flake could have become bread. Change meant being crushed, so they both decided to take the easy way out. They did not know Jesus and that they could have become something with which men and women celebrate.

Today’s readings are all about transformation. The first reading is the conversion of Saint Paul. Most of us do not experience life-altering transformations, nor do most of us maintain an all-consuming, passionate, and loving relationship with Jesus as Saint Paul did. We are works in progress.

The gospel today is at the close of the Bread of Life discourse. Jesus says, whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood remains in me and I in him. What does Jesus mean when Jesus says this? The Jews are clearly confused, are we? Whenever we act, speak, hear, listen and love like Jesus, we eat his flesh. Whenever we accept our sufferings and recognize the sufferings of others, we drink his blood. Slowly, we are transformed, maybe not like Saint Paul but closer to a loving and committed relationship with Jesus.

The raisin and flake chose to stay the same. For today, will you be like the raisin and the wheat flake or choose to eat the flesh of Jesus and drink of his blood?

Closing Prayer

Gracious and loving God, we thank you for the gift of change in our lives, for without change, we fail to grow and experience true life, one of love for you and your Son, Jesus. May our hearts be ever-changing as we journey to you. Amen. (Adapted from Prayers for the Domestic Church)


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