April 2, 2021

Good Friday

I try to begin every day with a hot cup of coffee, prayer, the daily reflection, and the local obituaries. I rarely read any unless I know the person, but occasionally one will catch my eye. One phrase that draws my attention is a celebration of life will be held to honor the deceased. A life worthy of celebration says a great deal about the deceased. Although there is sadness, family and friends gather to remember their loved one by telling stories and sharing photos. As we listen and watch, we remember stories and events forgotten, and sometimes we gain new insight into the deceased.

Today is Good Friday, the day we commemorate the passion and death of Jesus. The Baltimore Catechism’s explanation of why this day is called Good Friday is because Jesus “showed his great love for man and purchased for him every blessing.” How beautiful are those words?

We tend to think of Good Friday as a day of gloom and sadness. These words tell a different story. As we participate in the Stations of the Cross or the Good Friday Liturgy, whether in person or live streamed, take time to reflect on Jesus and celebrate his life and love for you.

Saint Eymard states, “God loves us personally with a great benevolent love, an infinite and eternal love. In God, love is personal.” Today, we experience God’s love for us in a very profound and personal way, the commemoration of the death of God’s only Son, Jesus.

Will today be a day of sadness or a day of gratitude, remembering how much Jesus loves you?

Let Us Pray

Jesus, as I consider your crucifixion and death today, may my heart exult with wonder at the beauty of your love. Amen (The Word Among Us)


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