April 16, 2022

Holy Saturday

Growing up in Puerto Rico, a traditionally Catholic nation, we had many public displays of our Catholic traditions during Lent. We would have long processions walking our town’s many roads, large groups singing acknowledgment of our sins, proclaiming our repentance, and imploring God’s mercy. For us, the faithful, Holy Week was about being together, celebrating our union in Christ.

We would participate in the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross), commemorating Christ’s passion and remembering his great sacrifice at the Cross because of his love for us. Through the eucharistic celebration that is every Mass, we contemplated his self-offering, and in doing so, we thankfully expressed our togetherness in the suffering of Christ. It was beautiful to participate in these traditions as a community, yet everything changed on Good Friday. From the end of Good Friday and throughout the great silence of Holy Saturday, we were invited to enter into the absolute silence of the death of Christ.

We were invited to keep our words to a minimum and, to a certain extent, to be alone in our thoughts and prayers, yet still together in the communal mourning from Christ’s death. We were to embrace the mourning, pain, and sadness to truly appreciate the greatness of the joy that was soon to come.

From our Lord’s sacrifice, we were saved. By his sacrificial love, we were redeemed. We are still called to that same quietness today. Let us be together in the silence. Let us wait expectantly for his resurrection, embrace the sadness of the moment, acknowledge the pain that we suffer, that our tears can be turned to joy when we celebrate Christ’s rising once again to show us his face and his light.

In the Eucharist, we are once again one with Christ.


Lord, thank you for your love; thank you for your sacrifice. During Holy Saturday’s long silence, help us embrace the quiet and mourn correctly. Help us understand what you have done for us and wait expectantly to commemorate your resurrection, united in spirit with all who love you that we may all meet you once again at your eucharistic table. Amen.


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About Rick Hernandez

Rick is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Vincent dePaul Church in Holiday, Florida.