April 12, 2020

Easter—Resurrection of the Lord

Happy Easter! The light of Christ has come into the world, alleluia! Together with the unexplainable resurrection of Jesus, the Paschal Mystery is now complete and every person who has not seen but does believe is promised a like resurrection and eternal happiness with the triune God forever in his mystical kingdom.

What a tremendous blessing we have all received from the loving and courageous heart of Jesus. By freely accepting his excruciating passion, he utterly destroyed the seeming finality of human death, and by rising gloriously, once again triumphed over Satan and sin, and offered all the people of faith the consoling hope and promise of living on forever!

Today, the church understands the term Paschal Mystery as embodying much more than the historical reminder of Christ’s life, teachings, passion, death, resurrection, and ascension. With the first Pentecost and the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit upon the early disciples, the Catholic faith spread rapidly across the globe and, despite constant persecution, continues to this day, to offer a sure path to eternal salvation.

The last human beings to see Jesus in the flesh were the disciples who witnessed his ascension. Ever since then, only with eyes of faith can the presence of the living God be seen in the church, the body of Christ, and in its sacraments and specifically in the Eucharist. Saint Peter Julian Eymard and the religious and associates of his congregation continue today to promote untiringly the sharpness of spiritual vision and loving faith that can enable each of us to see beyond the bread we eat, see our Savior and our Lord; see beyond the cup we drink, see his blood poured out as drink.

Are you one who has not seen the risen Christ, but believes in his real presence?

Let us Pray:

O God who makes this most sacred night radiant with the glory of the Lord’s resurrection, stir up in your church a spirit of adoption so that renewed in body and mind, we may render you undivided service. Amen. (Easter Vigil)


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