August 7, 2022

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Do not be afraid any longer, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. You also must be prepared for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come (Luke 12:32, 40), There are many parables and stories that Jesus […]

August 6, 2022

“Jesus took Peter, John, and James and went up a mountain to pray” (Luke 9:28b) I imagine that if it had been me, I would have been a little confused as to why I had to go up a mountain to pray, but if my teacher, who I knew loved me, had asked me to […]

August 5, 2022

See, upon the mountains there advances the bearer of good news, announcing peace! Where, in God’s name, are we? As I write this reflection, the July 4th mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, dominates the news. In fact, over three dozen people were shot to death across the country on this our national holiday. The […]

August 4, 2022

Memorial of Saint John Vianney, Priest “People come into your life for a reason, A season or a Lifetime.” The opening line of a poem by Brian A. “Drew” Chalker speaks of a reality most of us have experienced. Whether it is sharing a classroom, a parish, or a neighborhood, friendships come in varying degrees […]

August 3, 2022

In our first reading, Jeremiah addresses the people of Israel in captivity in Babylon with a message of hope and consolation. “With an age-old love, I have loved you, so I have kept my mercy toward you” and “I will be the God of all the tribes of Israel, and they will be my people.” […]

August 2, 2022

Liturgical Feast of Saint Peter Julian Eymard Founder of the Aggregation and the Congregations of the Blessed Sacrament Today the family of Saint Peter Julian Eymard rejoices with the universal Church in keeping the memorial of our Founder, Saint Peter Julian Eymard, whom Saint John Paul II called “an outstanding apostle of the Eucharist.” The […]

August 1, 2022

His heart was moved with pity for them; he healed the sick among them. Matthew uses the Greek term splagchnizomai  (in Greek) to convey Jesus’ feelings of pity, telling us that Jesus was moved so profoundly he “felt it in the pit of his stomach” for the multitude. This wasn’t merely sadness Jesus felt. This […]

July 31, 2022

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time “Vanity of vanities … Everything is vanity!” We get the topic: “vanity” jumps out five times in twelve words! So begins the Book of Ecclesiastes, our first reading from the Old Testament. So, what kind of vanities must we avoid? To us, the “vain” is full of “vanity”: a very […]

July 30, 2022

“Understand clearly that we must fully unite with the prayer of the Holy Spirit. We do this by recollection and the gift of self to him, and by praying only as the Holy Spirit inspires and lifts on high.” Saint Peter Julian Eymard What must be done for us to refrain from handing others over […]

July 29, 2022

Memorial of Saints Martha, Mary, and Lazarus When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went to meet him…. Undoubtedly, the sisters and brother we honor today had a very special relationship with Jesus. He visited them often and would stay at their home whenever he was in Jerusalem. The two gospel choices we have […]