April 27, 2022

Two images appear in today’s readings. The darkness of jealousy, imprisonment, and the light of Christ that came into the world to eradicate the darkness and save us. Darkness comes into our lives in many ways – anxiety over the pandemic, financial worries, inflation, addictions, war, grief from losses, depression, and sin to name a […]

April 13, 2022

Today is the last day of Lent. It is hard to believe how quickly it has gone by. We begin our Lenten journey with the hope of changing our hearts and transforming ourselves and others through acts of kindness, prayer, and fasting. If we have missed an opportunity, it is never too late. In today’s […]

March 23, 2022

After fifty-three years of a perfect driving record, I received a speeding ticket. I plead no contest, and upon completing a defensive driving course, the offense will be expunged from my record. The course has been eye-opening. There are so many laws, signs, symbols, and colors to observe. When we become distracted, we fudge, sometimes […]

March 9, 2022

“The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.” Do you believe in second chances? I have been going to my hairdresser for over 25 years. There is not much that I do not know about her and her about me. Most women will confirm that a visit to the hairdresser can be […]

February 23, 2022

Memorial of Saint Polycarp, Bishop, and Martyr Growing up in a very Catholic family, my parents would frequently call our pastor to seek advice on a variety of issues. Usually, it was approval on a movie. Daisy Mae Scrag in L’il Abner was out of the question, but Boris Karloff in a horror film was […]

February 9, 2022

Did you know over five hundred song titles with the word heart? Our hearts can be achy breaky, totally eclipsed, left in San Francisco, cold, gold, broken, and hearts can go on and on. The heart is a symbol of love, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, we find our homes, greeting cards, and countless floral […]

January 26, 2022

Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops Today we remember Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops of the early Church and loyal companions to Saint Paul. Both received letters from Saint Paul that are included in the New Testament. In a letter to Timothy, Saint Paul is encouraging Timothy to stir into flame the gift of […]

January 12, 2022

I remember growing up when my dad needed something, he would start calling out our names like a litany. I had three siblings, and after time, we learned to listen to his voice to determine if he was angry, in need of help, or just wanting to greet us after a long day at work. […]

December 24, 2021

Has anyone ever asked you to keep a secret, and you found it hard to do? Perhaps, you were asked to keep a secret about a marriage proposal, a job promotion, a large windfall, or the birth of a new baby. It is so exciting that, at times, you feel as though you are going […]

December 3, 2021

Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier I was looking at Instagram several days ago and came across an inspiration that caught my attention. I do not have the exact quote, but it went something like this. Faith is not the belief that God can do; it is the belief that God will do. In theory, we […]