January 4, 2022

Today, the liturgy continues the post Epiphany proclamation that the Lord has been manifested to the nations. The gospel choice reminds us that this manifestation is proclaimed and celebrated wondrously in the Eucharist. The four gospel writers show a particular liking for the story of the feeding of the multitude, and this is reflected in […]

December 11, 2021

Our Advent journey is an immersion into the spirit of hope which was a significant facet of the spirituality of the people of Israel. This hope was especially embodied in the prophetic tradition, which is well represented in the readings for this season. Elijah, who is mentioned in both readings today, stands out as one […]

November 13, 2021

I am sure that we have all realized by now that there are dimensions to prayer beyond our understanding and that there are no magical formulas to follow that guarantee that our prayer requests will be granted exactly as we ask them. One certain thing is that prayer offered in a spirit of humility and […]

October 9, 2021

Saturday is the day in the liturgy traditionally devoted to the remembrance of Mary, the mother of the Lord. Therefore, how fitting it is that the shadow of Mary hovers over the gospel reading today even though she is not named. These two verses are unique to Saint Luke’s Gospel. Still, given that Luke gives […]

September 11, 2021

As the son of a bricklayer, who spent most of his adult life building houses, the message of today’s gospel always evokes memories of my father and the lessons he would teach us regarding the importance of sound foundations in every facet of our lives. As everyone knows, a house is as strong as the […]

August 14, 2021

Memorial of Saint Maximilian Kolbe Today the church celebrates the feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, priest and martyr. I have always been inspired by the witness and example of the saints, so while the scriptures of the day deserve our first attention, the story of Saint Maximilian is too compelling to bypass. As most will […]

July 10, 2021

The story of Joseph is one of the most engaging and emotionally intense in the Hebrew Scriptures. It’s a story of preferential love, jealousy, betrayal, forgiveness, and restored family relationships. It’s a story that speaks as loudly today as it did for our ancestors in faith. Joseph’s brothers, blinded by jealousy, think to murder him […]

December 25, 2020

Christmas Day When we think about Christmas, our minds naturally conjure up images loosely based on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke; images of Joseph and Mary and the child Jesus in what might look like a cave or a barn, surrounded by shepherds and animals and three men who are dressed like kings, and […]

November 27, 2020

The last days of the liturgical year are upon us. In the gospel readings for this time, the texts correspond with the final days of the life of Jesus. Since the Kingdom of God was the core message of his teaching, he now exhorts his disciples to be alert to the signs that the kingdom […]

October 23, 2020

One of the consequences of the pandemic which we have all experienced is a loss of a sense of time. Occasionally I even have to ask myself what day is it. A sense of time preoccupies Jesus in the gospel today. He seems frustrated and dismayed that his audience doesn’t know what time it is. […]