January 11, 2019

Today’s gospel (Lk 5:12-16) relates the story of an encounter between Jesus and “a man full of leprosy.” A person with leprosy in the time of Jesus was both physically and socially isolated, rejected by family and community and confined to remote areas. The belief that disease was punishment from God further enhanced this isolation. The man […]

November 16, 2018

Saint Margaret of Scotland and Saint Gertrude the Great, holy women honored in today’s liturgy, personify in diverse ways the message of today’s first reading “Let us love one another.” This second letter of John is addressed to a “chosen lady,” most likely a leader of a fledgling Christian community and reflects the Johannine theme […]


Eucharistic Witness (November/December 2018)

Anita McMahon New Port Richey, Florida I believe God sends persons and events into our lives to help us grow in relationship with him. Thirteen years ago, the Blessed Sacrament Community began serving our parish. Their presence brought the privilege of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the charism and words of Saint Peter Julian Eymard, […]

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