From Frogs to Catechesis: The Role of the Imagination in Lifelong Catechesis for Eucharist

How can we use our imaginations to deepen our eucharistic catechesis? Frog Inspiration The Frog Prince was the first of the Brothers Grimm fairy-tales published in 1812. The meaning of the story revolves around an important life-lesson: sometimes what we don’t want is precisely what we need. Under the curse of a witch, the frog […]

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About Darren Maslen SSS

Darren Maslen, SSS is the superior of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Dublin, Ireland. His current teaching responsibilities include developing lay ministry apostolates in Scotland, as well as offering courses on Saint Peter Julian Eymard to Blessed Sacrament students in India. His Doctor of Ministry degree focused, in part, upon identifying Saint Peter Julian Eymard’s practical theology.