A Poetry Retreat

The Wedding Feast of Cana For Team 24 Four panels in Arcabas’ polyptych but the mystery dazzles with simplicity. Water into fine wine and Mary at the heart of the banquet puzzle. Waiters do as they are told; steward tastes the selection; groom chastised for keeping the best to the last. Brilliant pastel colors tell […]

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About Jo Dirks, SSS

Father Jo Dirks is the provincial leader of the Province of the Holy Spirit, Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, in Australia. With a deep, abiding concern for social justice and welfare, he has only recently retired from the chaplaincy team at RMIT University, Melbourne, after years of combining this with leadership in his religious community and province. His latest book of poetry is The Surprise of Walking: The Camino and Other Poems.