The Role of the Laity in the Catholic Church: Reflections on the Experience of the Church in Chile

The Second Vatican Council has a special significance in Latin America. The experience of that local church has much to say to the wider Church about renewal in its life and mission. Medellín (1968): The First Council of the Church of Jerusalem for the Latin American Church The second CELAM Conference at Medellín, Colombia, in […]

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About Robert S. Pelton, CSC

Father Robert S. Pelton, a retired professor at Notre Dame University, served as a peritus to Cardinal Leo Suenens at Vatican II and ministered in Chile from 1964-1971. He was the founding director of Latin American/North American Church Concerns at Notre Dame (1985-2017) and in 2012 produced the film Monseñor: The Last Journey of Oscar Romero.