The Fifty-first International Eucharistic Congress: Its Missionary Challenges, Part I

The theological and pastoral vision of the Cebu International Eucharistic Congress defines important priorities for the Church relative to the Eucharist and mission. The Philippines has been privileged to host two International Eucharistic Congresses (IEC): the Twenty-third (Manila: February 3-7, 1937) and the Fifty-first (Cebu: January 24-31, 2016). Many parallels between these two congresses can […]

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About James H. Kroeger, MM

Father James H. Kroeger, MM, has served in Asia since 1970, ministering in parishes and in the formation of seminarians, catechists, and lay leaders. He currently teaches at Loyola School of Theology, East Asian Pastoral Institute, and Mother of Life Catechetical Center in Manila, Philippines. His recent books include Asia’s Dynamic Local Churches; Becoming Missionary Disciples; A Vatican II Journey: Fifty Milestones; Walking in the Light of Faith, and The Gift of Mission. He may be contacted at jhkroeger@gmail.com.