Sorting through the Variant Perspectives from the Synod on the Family: Lessons from the Early Church (Part One)

Given the ease and frequency of divorce in the world of Jesus, the often superficial motives for divorcing one’s wife, as well as the disastrous and humiliating consequences that a divorce had on a discarded wife, it is no surprise that Jesus condemns divorce so strongly. Remarkably, after two years of meetings and weeks of […]

Is the Pope Communist?????

So ask a number of recent news reports from a variety of sources, such as the BBC, the Christian Post, Newsweek, and MSNBC, among others. Without a doubt, Pope Francis has been making headlines left and right over the past few months. In May, he met with Raúl Castro of communist Cuba, and, a little […]

Where do YOU live? Where would you like to live?

Where we live shapes us. It shapes our loves, our likes and dislikes, our preferences, our desires, our hopes, and opportunities. It shapes how we grow and the person we become. As a child, I was fortunate enough to grow up within easy biking distance of a great public library and some wonderful parks. This shaped me in some important ways.