Inside January/February 2014 Issue

The January/February 2014 issue of Emmanuel devotes several articles and reflections to Pope Francis and his vision of the church. As a magazine of eucharistic spirituality, our purpose in presenting these is to explore the ecclesial and eucharistic dimensions of his words and actions, and especially the spirituality underlining them.

Babette’s Feast – Film Review

The first film review for Emmanuel’s new “Eucharist & Culture” section, looks at the lusciously restored and newly converted Blu-Ray edition of the quintessential “theology and food” film, Babette’s Feast. Gabriel Axel’s 1988 Academy Award winning film not only abounds with eucharistic undertones, but it is impossible to watch on an empty stomach. Add to this a stuffed with delectable extras and insightful documentaries, and you may just have the meal of the century.